Personally I've never had an issue with them. They are always polite, and reasonable pricing (Half of retail). The gentleman who was behind the counter on 12/30/22 was very polite and allowed me to run up and grab a part within 10 minutes of closing. I recommend them, just treat them with respect and don't be a moron and they will treat you the same way.

Aiden Blanchard

Way to trash your own small town and not give a care at all. I politely called to let you know about how you completely covered Wolcott street with trash and magazines but your too classy to go pick u

Mike Luce

This was years ago but I paid for some used struts over the phone, $150, when I got there to pick them up they were totally unusable and shot, rust was just falling off of them, I asked for my money back and they began swearing at me I was called the dumb blonde bimbo(among other things) they even went as far as to call the man who had taken the struts off of the car and sarcastically tell him that "apparently we need to check the struts before we take them off the car" I couldn't believe it they sell used parts and they don't check them and then they harass their customers when they speak up about it, Long story short I didn't get my money back and I didn't get to use the struts, horrible awful people work here I've never been treated so poorly in my life, I will NEVER give them any business, I don't care if someone else owns the company now, I'm done, years later here I am still so very hurt and upset about it, that should tell you how truly awful they were to me for those 20 long minutes. I'm sharing this again now because I see that my previous review is nowhere to be found... I wonder why ?

Rebekah Martin

After an unfortunate trip into the guard rail I was in need of a replacement hood and following front end parts.
I arrived without my hood, and the friendly staff helped me find and quickly install the hood for my trip home. Additionally we found my radiator was leaking, and they were happy to take the time to help me look at it and gave me some basic tips on the replacement.
5 stars for a very positive experience.

Dan Benoir

Had a wonderful experience.
Helen and Co. Were very helpful and pleasant

William Kelly Gorham

Was here one time as a kid, my dad brought me here to visit Great Grandma, I remember going on a run with an uncle to pick up a car, had a blast! Just memories as a kid having fun!

Leah Jahnke

So much fun to search for just the car or part you need. Had two wonderful father/son afternoons here in the last couple years.

Paul Collins

Great service and had the part I needed at a decent price ! John

John Giam

Good place to get parts. And a very good place to

Donald Messer

fast and efficient always friendly staff fair price

Terry Foster

Great place to get used parts

kyle farrell

Great place to get parts

Chris Eaton

Of you are the type that enjoys old cars, car restoration, and auto history, this salvage yard is the place for you to check out.
Gates has fields of old antique cars from the 1920's and up. Piles and miles of cars I have seen or hard of before. Many are junks but some can certainly be saved with time and ambition. I got a part for my own 1953 Ford F100 project. Good deals on self service parts. Def worth walking through and checking it out. Spring through fall only. Sat they close at 12:00 noon.

Matthew A. - Rockingham County, NH

Good times spending a hour or two walking around the foliage-overgrown chapters of the fifties and sixties (I imagine many folks died in these cars, before seat belts). . . special sections for buses, trucks etc. Nobody bothers you, feels spooky.. . almost a setting for a horror movie as it's so peaceful. Hope your car is still where you left it when you come out of the bone yard!